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hopeless ramen-tic

ramen love with you

enticing / flow / playful

A quick and easy meal or a gourmet delicacy. This line of product brings the fun and flow of delicious noodles and incorporates them into chic designs.



Inspired by certain aesthetics of traditional Japanese art, this theme takes advantage of the flowy forms and the fun nature of ramen. Bringing trend to the traditional feel of old ramen shops and and the weaving and fluidity of noodles.

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Using Speedball black ink and a simple mound of ramen noodles, I was able to create texture rich stamps that speak to the flowing dynamic of delicious ramen.



I took the stamps made from the ramen and resized and altered sections of them to make all over patterns.

Hopeless Ramentic_W_Pattern-02.jpg
Hopeless Ramentic_W_Pattern-02-02.jpg
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the line

This women’s line features a t-shirt, socks, and intimates.

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