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let’s have a party

energetic / loud / proactive

Loon is a party product and planning brand that specializes in helping people put on truly unique events.



Above all else Loon is about making a statement, so it only makes sense that the logo should do the same. The letter forms flow from one to the other seamlessly like the connection that should exist between people. The balloon O also captures the fun feeling that is inherent with any kind of party or event decor. This icon can also be used to represent the brand by itself.



Color is what defines a party or a movement, that is why Loon’s are bright, bold, and in your face. In keeping with this palette it is ensured that Loon is the most eye catching of all party suppliers. Primarily the purple, green, and cyan represent the vitality and power that results from people coming together for a cause. The lighter purple is splashed in to accent the standard shade and provide another contrasting option to go with the other primaries. Electric yellow and pink are used sparingly often accompanying the rest in promotional materials and advertising.

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Loon uses cardboard as a mainstay in its packaging in order to keep with it’s electric industrial vibe. Each box creatively displays indicators as to the products within using the established iconography.

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Loon Balloon Mockup.jpg

web + social

The loon website is your one stop shop for party planning. It offers a wide variety of products and a customizable party pack feature so you can decide the look and feel of your decor.

On the social side of things, Loon believes that building a community means sharing stories and experiences. For this reason, we take great pride in our social media accounts. We want to be able to share the good times and picture perfect moments that our products can be apart of.