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your time. your choice.

chic / smart / discreet

Melos brand condoms empowers you to enjoy a healthy sex life on your own terms and by your own timing. I designed this condom brand to appeal to women in order to subvert the stigma against women carrying condoms as a promiscuous practice.


the brand

The Melos brand takes inspiration from natural beauty and elegance, as seen through its use of damask-like patterns. At its core, however, Melos is inspired by the women who use it; strong, beautiful, and lively. The logo is a regal word mark with the O housing a floral symbol that denotes vitality and is reminiscent of the patterning present in the brand. The name comes from a union between the term melody and the Greek term for romantic love; Eros.


color + pattern

The color model uses beige, light peach, and turquoise as the primary colors to evoke a simple elegance that carries the brand message. There is room for the introduction of various other colors and patterns in marketing materials as long as they align with the Melos look. The default secondary and tertiary colors include aqua, grey, and frost grey as they are simple neutrals that compliment the primary swatches.



Melos packaging is specifically designed for discretion. It is as distant from the typical box of condoms as it can be with a vintage looking circular tin and individual circular condom wrapping. Designing the product in this way Melos assures women’s privacy when out and about, and helps ease the social stigma.

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Advertisement is simple and only alludes to sex and mainly emphasizes the beauty of women and nature. Any of the numerous Melos patterns are incorporated in the images to bring more attention to the product being promoted.

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web + app

The Melos app and website are easily accessible and intuitive services designed for the Melos woman to explore and order sexual health products at her own leisure. They feature a simple shopping experience accompanied by a news and events feed that lets users know about special promotions and happenings in the Melos community. There is also an “about“page that states the brand’s core beliefs and overall goal for its products as well as the community Melos wishes to create. In addition, Melos is very active on social media, posting beautiful photography and product shots that emphasizes the tender sexuality that dwells inside every woman.



These products are an extension of the brand. Their focus is to provide comfort and ease to the daily lives of our community members, in the same way our main products do. They range from apparel to intimates to handy tote bags that are sure to compliment the beauty of any Melos woman.

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