Sandman_FINAL DESIGNS-11.png

sandman - vans

for the desert dweller in all of us

weathered / traveler / understated

The Sandman line is all about capturing the rustic air of the desert and the feeling of being a true scavenger, one with the land. It draws inspiration from dusted landscapes and the festivals that take place in them as well as the fashion of those in attendance.


inspiration + materials

Inspired by the desert and events that take place in it. Made with weathered Leather, Knits, Weaves, and Brass.


the line

Each model is derived from a specific part of desert festival attire. From the rugged yet fashionable scarves to sand weathered goggles. Just like the festivals themselves, these shoes come to life at night with glow-in-the-dark stitching that is sure to catch the eye of any fellow scavengers.



Every piece in the Sandman line of apparel adds to the narrative of weathered and beaten desert-wear.