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sea-tac : brand identity

fly with us

inclusive / balanced / experience

The Sea-Tac International airport serves the greater Seattle and Tacoma areas with quality service and a rich travel experience



The final logo and type solution were designed to reflect natural patterns and the two cities that the airport serves by its circular flow and varying line widths. As water has a major presence in Seattle, from rain patterns to the actual port, it makes perfect sense that the symbol for the airport to take inspiration from that natural element. The ripple signifies expansion and expansion denotes inclusion, one of the key tenants of this rebrand’s code. The center shape is an abstract representation of the Space needle and/or a North Star to signify not only regional location but also to serve as a focal point. The ideology behind this design choice was that Sea-Tac is a place of necessity, people need to travel. As such, Sea-Tac will be a trustworthy and reliable place for people to travel to and from.

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The color palette is reminiscent of the rich natural wonders of the Seattle-Tacoma area and infers a sort of rustic quality that harkens back to the history of both cities. The blue tones represent the famously rainy seasons Seattle is known for as well as the port itself. Green represents nature and new life, two sources that this new direction draws heavily from. The colors may only appear as a dark turquoise and light blue-green for two color applications or in full color for all other applications.

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To display Sea-Tac as a name closely in-tune to nature, I designed the symbol to be able to come alive with the the wind. In doing this, I make the symbol an active piece in the Sea-Tac brand. The way finder signage primarily makes use of rounded edges as the muted blue tone as to seem reliable and approachable.



The design concept behind these ads is to communicate visually the major strong points of the airport. The text is kept minimal as to be understood in an instant by rushing travelers.